In 1987, E. Excel International was founded by Dr. Jau-Fei Chen in Springville, Utah, USA Today E. Excel International is one of the best creators and manufacturers of foods for strengthening global health, in the world. E. Excel continues to grow rapidly because of its commitment to maintaining unparalleled product quality and teaching the principles of Nutritional Immunology to promote a healthy quality of life.

Currently E. Excel International grew out of the U.S.A. and from Canada, to Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong China. And many parts of Europe. It is truly an International Company.

Each year that passes shows a very great progression difficult to match and to believe in today's world. The company has now grown to include laboratories and manufacturing units, not just in the U.S.A. but in Singapore and Shanghai, in order to ensure regular delivery around the world. In a decade, since its birth, E. Excel has acquired a reputation that corresponds to its name: Excellence. Excellence in quality: From planting to shipping the finished products, E. Excel ensures that essential nutrients are not lost and are concentrated to the maximum.

Health is one of the world's most precious possessions, and E. Excel wishes it for you.

Research is an integral part of E.Excel's mission. It keeps us in touch with the latest scientific discoveries, so that we can put them into practice and create the best products in this industry.

Ongoing research plays a crucial role in the development of new products and the improvement of existing ones. It offers new areas of exploration for the science of Nutritional Immunology, and allows us to continue to explore the beneficial properties of plant nutrients. Our products are the result of a detailed process carefully controlled from start to finish.

Growing and harvesting the nutritious plants of E. Excel is a crucial point in the development of our products. Each plant should be grown in the right climate for its optimal growth. Temperature, exposure, fertilization, humidity and soil conditions, everything must be carefully controlled so that the plant retains the maximum amount of nutrients. Our plants are only harvested at the optimum time for the amount of nutrients. Thorough research tells us which part of the plant is the most nutrient rich. E.Excel selects only the best quality plant food for our products and carefully maintains the balance of each formulation.

The next step in the development of E. Excel products is manufacturing. It requires preventing the loss of phytochemicals after harvest. The longer a plant waits to be consumed or used, the greater the loss of phytochemicals.

Although there are several methods of production, each plant requires a special method of retaining its unique combination of nutrients. Some require heat to destroy their toxicity, and others cannot be exposed to it or lose valuable nutrients.

Using the latest technologies on the market, we use methods such as "freeze drying" or "spray drying" to prepare our food … Highly specialized equipment allows us to use these techniques quickly and effectively to ensure that these plants are treated under optimum conditions.

To ensure high nutritional quality in each formulation, scientists at E. Excel carry out extensive quality controls. Every plant product we use must have the same level of excellence. The plants are checked for contamination before they are used in manufacturing. by E. Excel. Anything that is not of the best quality is rejected. We conduct quality checks at various stages of manufacturing to determine their effectiveness. All this allows us to produce pure and healthy food products ideal for strengthening the immune system.

Good health is perhaps the most important thing we can ask for and want, and we're committed to helping you make it happen by providing you with the best health foods you can find on earth. Our products are consumed by the old, the young and people of all ages in between, we have taken responsibility for ensuring that each of our products meets the highest standards of excellence.