Now let's see what the word health means to people in different parts of the world.


The notion of health as perceived in our Western societies is too often associated with the absence of symptoms of disease.

So most of us consider ourselves to be in good health when two factors come together: They have no pain anywhere and the analyzes of their last check-up reveal nothing in particular.


These two criteria are proving to be increasingly insufficient. We know that the absence of any symptoms is meaningless since some diseases develop for years without visible symptoms, fought step by step by a healthy organism.

The latter will lose the battle when the multiple and varied stresses increase the production of steroid hormones in such proportions that the temporary weakening of the immune system, leads to the appearance of disturbing symptoms revealing the presence of the disease.

That's when, in our Western society focused on Louis Pasteur "Let's kill viruses and bacteria and we'll be healthy!" as opposed to Claude Bernard "Let's strengthen the ground and viruses and bacteria will be powerless" we will try everything with the help of medicine to eradicate the disease and destroy the virus, bacteria or tumor.

Our first step will therefore be to carry out a battery of tests, each more sophisticated than the next, in order to discover and pinpoint the culprit and bring us relief.

Ignoring the tremendous power of intervention that is within us, we will entrust medical professionals with the task of treating us. They will do it, with competence and speed, deploying their three basic weapons: chemistry, surgery, rays.


So this marvelous precision mechanic called the human body will be attacked, abused, and abused, in the name of health.

And then one day, thinking that we have conquered the evil, we will return home "in remission" or better still healed!

Here will stop our efforts in the direction of health and we will return to our lifestyle, thus guaranteeing the return of various ailments more or less shortly. This attack phase that we have just described is important and necessary, wherever you are!

It tells us that we are fighting. We will call this process the BEN phase.


The sadly often forgotten and overlooked notion during this intense time is that it is vital to support, help and strengthen the body as it faces so many challenges at once.

Now, let's turn to other civilizations, mostly Eastern ones, and see what they do:


The course is identical but breaks down into three phases:

The BEN, the BI and the BIAO

The BEN phase is exactly the same as the one we followed in the West.


However during violent treatments a phase of BI will be implemented consisting of techniques such as: acupuncture, massages, herbal medicine, light therapy and many others intended to, temporarily, rebuild forces allowing the body to better experience the attacks to which he is subjected.

This phase will continue for a few weeks after cessation of treatment.

Then a third, longer, smoother, more complete phase will now take place: it is reconstruction: the BIAO

All that was destroyed during the battle will now patiently be rebuilt with the help of appropriate foods in great quantity and variety combined so that on a daily basis they provide the body with raw material allowing it to put at work these 80,000 billion specialized workers: our cells.

These, delighted to have a plethora of construction material, will have a lot of fun to: eliminate waste and poisons, redo foundations and walls, etc … and thus restore the organism to its inherent strength .

This is the best way to ensure long-lasting illness, in case it is tempted to return, finds someone to talk to when it comes to a restored immune system.

This is called Prevention and results in Radiant Health.


Having tested this method for over 25 years, we can without hesitation recommend BIAO as the surest way to achieve concrete and effective prevention.

If our cells and our immune system are constantly nourished so that they are stronger and more efficient, our chances of getting any disease will be lower and lower.