Purpose of this process: Concentrate nutrients and remove unwanted contaminants.

Millennium Manufacturing: Recovery of cactus gel without destroying its nutrients.
1- Remove the thorns; 2- Remove the skin; 3- Preserve the gel (mixing-filtration)

E. Excel's filtration process features three filtration levels designed to remove particles from 100 microns to 0.1 microns.
1st level – Nano filtration: removes particles from macro to micro ranks (macro: visible to the naked eye and micro: visible only under an electron microscope)
2nd level – This is a micro filter that will remove particles visible only under an electron or optical microscope, which are less than a micron.
3rd level – Ultrafiltration which separates particles by molecular weight. Ultrafiltration removes viruses and other low-spectrum substances from macro molecules. After this point the millennium is virtually contaminant free and ready for bottling.