Josseline ARIES attends for the first time more than 25 years ago in a conference of Professor Jau-Fei CHEN, founder of E. Excel International, in Florida. She herself is then, following many shocks, on the verge of physical collapse and medical science gives her little chance of getting out.

The discovery of Nutritional Immunology and the resulting E.Excel foods encouraged him to try the experience of strengthening the immune system by this nutrition. The results were not long in coming and from success to success she went up the slope towards the radiant health which she enjoys today. His biggest surprise will be to see the impact of diet on behavior, depression and emotional stability.

Nutrition as it is understood today especially retains the importance of the intake of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, trace elements etc … It is the one that allows us to function more or less well.

Preventive nutrition based on this new science of Nutritional Immunology, of which Professor Jau-Fei CHEN is the initiator, goes further: thanks to the contribution of quantities and varieties of fruits and vegetables carefully chosen and prepared by Immunologists specializing in Nutrition, it allows us:

  • 1. a slowing down of the aging process,
  • 2.a reactivation of the body's defense mechanisms which is then able to better fight against aggressions and degenerative diseases.

It is therefore about PREVENTION.

Josseline ARIES is at the origin of the creation of the branch of E.EXCEL in EUROPE in 1994. This one orchestrates the educational programs and organizes the distribution of food products resulting from the permanent research in Nutritional Immunology of the scientific team.

Since then, she has constantly participated in seminars, conferences and debates on Nutritional Immunology.

Spokesperson for Professor Jau-Fei CHEN's scientific team, she makes its work known to the general public and the resulting practical applications.

She thus quickly became not only a pioneer in Preventive Nutrition, but one of the rare specialists in this new approach to health.

Constant updating through contact with scientists and 25 years of experience with users make her an expert in prevention.

Now retired, she nevertheless supports the new team by developing specific Preventive Nutrition programs to prevent, slow down, stabilize or stop the deterioration process.

Always available and accessible, she devotes her time and shares her knowledge with all those who have understood the urgency of Eating Better for Wellness and the need to develop immune resistance to protect against disease.