Pioneer of Nutritional Immunologydrchen

When Dr Chen founded E.Excel, she made it her mission to promote the Science of Nutritional Immunology all over the world, a science of which she was a founding member or even the founding pillar. This Nutritional Immunology is at the center of E.Excel’s philosophy, and we are proud to offer the world a body of knowledge and products that are constantly evolving and progressing based on research. The knowledge and the products developed by the researchers have in common a single goal, that of E.Excel since always: the promotion of a healthy life.
With nearly 30 years of research behind her, Dr. Jau-Fei Chen has dedicated his life to studying the immune system and its relationship to healthy eating. Early in her career she realized that the most effective way to fight illness was prevention through proper nutrition.

Dr. Chen knew that there were many plant foods, such as cacti, mushrooms, grape seeds, ginseng berries, and soybeans that contain important nutrients, but which are not necessarily within reach. Most people. In 1987, Dr. Chen founded E. Excel International with the goal of enabling more people to achieve better health through superior diets developed by immunologists. Today at E.Excel we do this, with our unmatched food products that are made to work together synergistically and are intended to strengthen the immune system and the whole body.

The immune system encompasses almost every system in the body: tonsils, lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow, intestinal wall and thymus are the organs that produce our immune response. The immune system is a complex whole that regulates our physical and mental health.

One: Defend

When an invader tries to enter the body, it must pass through many barriers such as our mucous membranes and our skin. If it does penetrate, the white blood cells quickly recognize the pathogen as an invader and begin to coordinate the defense system.

Soon, new defense cells like killer cells, macrophages and phagocytes come to help destroy the invader. White blood cells begin to produce one or more antibodies to guard against future attacks. The body can produce over a billion different antibodies to fight off different types of invaders.

Two: Attack

These invaders are then attacked and destroyed by natural killer cells. The natural slayer clings to her goal, aims with her weapons and unleashes the final burst of chemical weapons that pierce the membrane of the enemy cell. Fluid flows out and the cell explodes.

Three: Clean

Macrophages, these garbage collectors of the body, have tentacles that catch the destroyed organisms and absorb them. The function of macrophages is to swallow foreign particles, including excessively damaged cells.

Four: Repair

The damaged areas are repaired and the body is restored to its normal state. Most cells release histamine and heparin, which stimulate other cells to open blood vessels, increasing blood flow and allowing the process of tissue and cell regeneration to take place.