The researchers say that a cell fed and cleaned on a daily basis does not die, and if that was possible what would you do?

Anyone familiar with Nutritional Immunology knows that the key to effective prevention lies in the regularity of consumption of these foods. Taken by our multiple and varied activities and other financial imperatives, we sometimes forget this and consume by period. Often we lose the benefit of the gains.

To help you with this regularity, E.Excel has set up a privilege club that offers you the following formulas as well as a tip (with the possibility of establishing a custom formula) in the form of a subscription and your products will return you between 6% and 10% cheaper.

  • Excellence 3 (DPE 3) adds a daily cleaning of filter cells and organs with the Refresh to the above programme
  • Excellence 4 (DPE 4) the 3 previous formulas are brought together in this formula to ensure active prevention so that the disease ceases to be a scary threat


DPE 3 (30 days) DPE 4 (30 days) DPE 5 (30 days)
  • 1 Refresh
  • 2 Hua Gwei
  • 1 DNP 4
  • 2 Hua Gwei
  • 1 DNP 4
  • 1 PEARL
Price: €173/month


Price: €229/month


Price: €275/month



Your subscription can be terminated at any time, on request or directly on PayPal.

CB fees offered